Reviews for "Orbox"


wow this is the only puzzle game i have played in my life lol.besides the rubix cube..pretty cool

Too linear, too easy, but an overall good job.

At first it would seem like a clever "thinking game". But then you realize theres only one or two logical moves you can make for a turn, and this makes the game lose alot of entertainment value. However, two levels, thirteen and seventeen, gave a slight challenge, and the game is well put together. If you're going to make another game like this, I strongly advise making multiple pathways to the goal.

good fun game

that was the best puzzle game iv played but i carnt get past lvl-9.


i had tons o fun with your game man. i love the effects, and all the pretty colors :D.
i was only able to get to level 24, before my boss walked in. whats up with level 22 man!?!? that took me a good 30 minutes. the one that changes? anyway good stuff.


This game is very good. It is like roadblocks but a lot better