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Reviews for "Orbox"


You've got an incredible brain, maaan!
In the beginnings I couldn't imagine that such a simple game can also include challenging levels. And it's awesome how complicated ones you could made. Brilliant!
Very few people got such a good brain as you, in my point of view the reason why all your games are so challenging is that.
You definitely are my favourite author!

GameBalance responds:

Haha! Cool :)


it seems like this game is more more of a pain to program than to play. how do you come up with such creative levels?

GameBalance responds:

Did you play Orbox B? Somehow I can come up with good levels :)

Very funn!

All the level's were challenging, but I noticed how the obstacles change, to test each individuals skills. for me the levels above 20 were easier until I noticed that 25 was the last level. Great game!


thsi game was on mofunzone and mathisfun.

GameBalance responds:


Not bad!

It's a pretty good game, i read your description and it says to go to your website if we're lost and i tried that and it only brought up the game, not a walkthrough. i also tried youtube and they don't have the level i need either. level 13 is just too hard...

GameBalance responds:

rright.. cuz the site is not builded up. It was on the old page
http://gamebalance.com/games/orbox.ht ml
as well as link for 5 bonus levels