Reviews for "Orbox"

Orbox Review

We bring you orbox, the best puzzle game on the net.

Orbox allows you to both think of a strategy and finally use your brain, don't let the graphics fool you, Orbox is a very well based puzzle game.

Moving around your little box is very fun, but the gameplay on the other hand is a bit too repetitive, level 13 is so hard, it took me over an hour to beat it.
The repetetive gameplay actually makes the game more challenging and more fun.

The graphics were a bit to sloppy I suppose, but the backrounds are soo beautiful, I loved that every different level had another pretty awesome backround.

This game is a must play, it will keep you playing for hours. Orbox is a very very great puzzle game, 5/5.

Cool game

Its kindof a ripoff of roadblocks though (unless that came out first. Well someones riping someone off here). Anyway i still thought it was pretty good it made my brain hurt in a good way. My only complaint is the scoring system was kind of wierd and lv13 was too hard. Overall goodjorb


This Game Is Sooooo Cool! Im On Lvl 13 Now... And Im Hoping To Get Further! I Definitly Recommend Anyone Play This Game Cause It Rocks!

Awesome game.

Orbox is awesome, I wish I had played it sooner. Very addictive, I'm up to level 17 with no sign of stopping. Great job.


BRILLIANT! I loved it. The problem is the difficulty. On level 9, it was SOOOO hard. It frustrated me a little. Great game, nontheless. But, if u r stupid, don't even try the game.