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Reviews for "Drunken Sailors dance mix"


that was good

Stalagmite responds:

thanks man! :D


i <3 this song, w00t for loops

Stalagmite responds:

WOOT for YOU! seamonster? which one.... DUN DUN DAAAA! lochness monster!! OH TEH NOES! to get rid of lochness monster you must tickle it :B THANKS!!!!


I'm gonna be honest, it was original and I can see why it is a top song.

But I didn't really like it that much due to the pick up, and then that long repetitive style.. Hard to work with.

Stalagmite responds:

i appreciate your honesty of course. and agree it is repetitive, much like the reviews saying how repetitive it is.. like karma lol. well thank you very much for the ten none the less, i didnt at any time think it worthy of top song lol. it is hard to work with, but i didnt make it FOR newgrounds.. i made it for kids to enjoy :D and they do. so i think it did its job :D thanks alot man, your honesty is very greatfully recieved :D


Me Rum Is Overflowing Due To Me Hip Music



Don't let me newground's name fool ye! I be Captain Dead Rose of the Cookie Pirates! Methinks this could be a catchy theme song for me crew!

Now hand over all yer cookies!