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Reviews for "Drunken Sailors dance mix"

Fawesome !!!

woot this really sounds awesome dude.
love it and ima put it on mah mp3 now =3

Stalagmite responds:

hehe! YAY! mp3 forever. :D thanks man!


Arr matey, this song be shivering any landlubbers timbers! This be an amazing tune, but ahoy, this tune can only be as good as the writer. (translation - good job, you rule)

Very Danceable

Mmmm, We're dancing right now to this beat, maybe the Jabbawockeez would like this XD.


I love it its awesome, your awesome :D 5/5

A song worthy of putting on my ipod

The drunken sailors song was catchy to begin with, but you made it better without demolishing the originality. This song has a great beat to boot. Arr har har!

Stalagmite responds:

haha! you are to kind fellow buckoneer! :D i will make your enemies walk the plank as a reward. :D