Reviews for "Hyperboy: Episode 3"


lol jazz off is back! the comics are great and the videos are even better hyperboy rules!


CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? HYPERBOY3 i have been waiting for this episode for months:D im jk that was great


I hadn't seen any of the Hyperboy episodes, but after I watched this I definately went back and did. Genius. The writing is incredible, jokes histerical, and I like their beady little eyes. The intro song is really cool too. Can't wait for another episode. "It looks like I'm breaking my thumb off, but I'm NOT!"


hahaha spider-man wtf, that was good thank for the laugh man


This was so good I think....no wait there it goes...yes I have definitely laughed my arse off (must take this for medical research). Well done man this was great, great artwork, great gags and brilliant soundtrack....voices were a bit muffled but my ears arent that dodgy yet...are they?