Reviews for "3 3ast 3 3urious"

I would(and have) recommend it to others!

Wow! I have never seen either of the movies, but this was still hilarious. I love how you exaggerated the cars abilities to drive "Everywhere". The characters were stereotypically humorous. Though I would have to say the 3drenaline line is the best part. That voice makes everything sound funny.

Could someone make an mp3 of the 3drenaline line? I just want to play it over and over...

how am i even supposed to say this?!

i didnt think it would be that funny but the flying into the sky n shit had me laughing my ass off, and the part where he dives out of the car killed me, thank you. ill show all my buds and itll become a huge inside joke, good job.

Awesome, it made the front page.

I first saw this flash when it first survived. I loved it and showed it to a bunch of people. This flash is hilarious and awesomely done. I can't wait for more from you guys... keep up the good work :)

Fockin hilarious

I watched it 3 times and could not stop laughing! Excellent!

pretty funny

the announcer needs his own movie. pretty funny dude