Reviews for "3 3ast 3 3urious"

3otally awesome ; D

i think you worked hard and derserve a solid 9

This Was Awesome

I acually meant to review this earlier, anyway this flash was freaking awesome. My friends and I couldn't stop laughing because this is kind of what we expected out of the F&F franchise in the direction that it's going......not that i'm bashing anyone who likes the movies and such. Nothing short of brilliant!

I cant believe this is your first flash!!!

This was fucking wicked! I guessyou really practised your flash animating skills before submitting anything to this site because this was great!!! I am amazed! I know, if this really is your first flash, that youre going to be ABSOLUTELY CRAZY later on in your career!

So id like to say everything was done exceptionally well. The graphics was maybe the weakest element in this flash but they were still quite good. You guys really got style, and youre just starrting our so thats awesome too. The sound was very funny, like the car grinding through the two others. Also the commentator was HILARIOUS!!! " 3 3ime now how am I supposed to say that?!" Very funny guys! And this leads to your already great humour! The spoilers were ridiculously huge and the moves pulled by the cars were wicked funny too.

My friends andI are always talking about this and we are repeating some lines from it too. This is definitely one of the funniest flash I have ever seen! Obviously I will be looking for somemore of your submissions in the future!!! Once again , FANTASTIC JOB!!! 5/5


Man that was so funny. I hate rice, I laugh ever time i see a shitty car like that out on the road. I loved it when all those wings came out and when they crashed in to the rice factory. Great first flash. Waiting on your future flashes.


That was 3ilarious. Soo 3unny. 3 3swe3t 33! How the $@#% am i supposed to say that?