Reviews for "Shades of ghey"


Alrighty then! A 4/5 for ya... but my God it's a good thing there are several of em put together. Shades of Ghey... good title though!

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Luff j00

I'm giving it a ten to raise the overall.

Otherwise I'd give it a "TV_VISION SUCKS BALLS/10".

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Decent collab.. decent parody.

Threestar's was by far the worst, however.

Surprisingly, IsOnFire did an extremely good job considering all his previous stuff was utter crap! I've gained a little more respect for him now. I especially liked how it started out as what seemed like a random filler-type animation, but it actually came together at the end. He seems like a really smart guy considering almost all of his stuff is bad.. I wanna see more of stuff like this from him!

Nice job.

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there was one that really stood out

threestars was hella gay.

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lol hi

I participated in the Shades of Red.

And I found this quite funny.

Especially the happy leet ghost.
His rib-tickling mannerisms make me laugh!

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I luff j00