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Reviews for "Greeg"

((( AMUSING )))

Haha ok this was very strange and odd, but did make me laugh and was cute, the banging of his head was great comedy hehem the flash seems to have lots of more clips which was good having them run all together here, you may want to add some propper play buttons though, anyways funny stuff...


Not so good.

This has to be the stupidist thing Ive seen in a while, and I deal with idiots every gay so thats pretty sad.

Graphics: Kinda good if you like that kind of animation.
Sound: Dumb the only thing that pointed out was retaded giggling.
Interactivity: None
Style: If your a retard this is the movie for you.
Violence: Just conking on the head nothing else.
Humor: Retarded and pointless, not even my four year old cousin would laugh at this.

Bottom line: Retarded, pointless and just a complete waste of time. I hoped you stoped and will never come back.

Not even remotely funny

A few of the scenes in this movie were okay at best while most were just ridiculously crap, it was a stupid idea for a movie and the humor in it wasn't funny, just stupid kiddy humor, I know it's old but you could have done a lot better.

You rock!

Dude....you've got too many haters.


Sorry but...it was just...not my cup of tea...if you know what I mean. Maybe an introduction of the character would have helped, you know? And also, you could kinda...slow it down a bit, um...to let the humor umm, yeah *cough*