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Reviews for "Greeg"


it wasn't funny AT ALL, animation sucked and don't say, "well i used flas 4" i used to use flash 3 and could make something far better then this.

Very Childish

But, kinda good. "I'm lucky Heh heh." "Me too." That was the only part I liked. Sorry, very dumb idea and even worse animation.

Made me laugh...

even though im in a very depressing mood.
Maybe it made me laugh BECAUSE I was in a bad mood?
slightly nasty humour,
packed with lots of fantasy
makes a good flash, even though its old (at previous reviewers)

rofl nabilmoya (w/e) you're review is so funny!

kid? you calling him a kid? he's 21, been on newgrounds since 2000, and has a B+ batting average, you:

don't have a single flash
don't read the newgrounds rules
don't know this was fucking made in the year 2000 which quality at that time was horrible
and you're most probably gonna get review banned for this review you made

now for the cartoon:

it was great, needs backround and improvisation in sounds, but since it's pretty old i don't expect nothing from it

Beefy responds:

Much appreciated, I'm glad a few people on NG are objective (although, even I think you voted a little too high.)

What most people don't understand is that Greeg was created in a simpler time... the age of Macromedia Flash 4.

To give you an idea of just how old this anim is; I had to submit it to Tom Fulp himself, that's before the automated portal was around. That's right, Tom Fulp - Newgrounds Uber-Mensch, added Greeg.

The reason for this as far as I can see is that homebrew Flash animation was largely in its infancy in 1999/2000 & anims of this quality were the norm. Occasionally you would get an unbelievable piece of animation slipping onto newgrounds but they were few & far between; Even by today's standards these look slightly aged.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not here to defend the "Hard-work" I did on this bag of crap, I just think it's a good piece of Grounds memorabilia, & a stark look at how far homebrew flash animations has come.

Remember, what is gold today will be tommorrow's tripe. So enjoy it for what it is... Terrible!

Just think yourselves lucky I never got around to finishing Pissy cat 2.



not really my favorite, not really funny, and not really making any sense. maybe if there was more establishment of who greeg is, instead of showing things about greeg... I dunno. his laugh was nice.