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Reviews for "Greeg"


funny but too short. if you could go a bit deeper into the story it would be a perfect! although i thought greeg was a good idea it wasnt as intresting as it could be. sorry!


the good:
graphics and animations are all right. the sound effects are also quite good.
the plot itself is funny and i liked watching this.

the bad:
all in all it's very incoherent and it's missing the "je ne sais quoi"...

the ugly:
i think this movie is good and greeg is an interesting character. you could have easily turned this one into a series ^^.


I liked it a lot but some parts either werent funny or were just too plain. The animation was decent, and the sound quality was good. I love his laugh it reminded me of watching disney channel when i was like 6 lolz

lol that noise its gonna stick in my head lol

lol just immagin ur walkkin down the road and u think of the noise lol

Thought I'd check in on an old flash.

I have to say that even though Greeg was among the first flashes I had ever seen, it still made me chuckle at the time. But to see it get brutally beat down without so much as a GOOD reason...That just irks me. I did a simple search:

"Portal Search Results: 0 matches found.
Your search for "mysticmonkey2" returned no results. Either broaden your search terms, or double-check your spelling."

Good job ass, now go make better flashes as you claim that you can.