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Reviews for "Greeg"

Funny in some kinda weird way

I don't know this isn't as bad as all the other 2000 movies I've seen on the site. Sure it's nothing fancy but at least the concept is original not to mention a bit funny considering he's some kinda thing that Goofy shat out and became some kinda mutant human.

That said not bad!


I randomly typed in a number in the address bar and this is the video I got, and it was actually very entertaining. I know it is nearly 9 years old, but not much has changed on NG as you can see, hahaha.


The drawings were simple and effective and the animation was fine, but where this movie really stood out was in the humor department; it totally reminded me of a few people I know, and the scenes were really funny, especially the nutcrunch in the skating scene and the Greeg's hygene scene where even the fucking streetlight got knocked out. good work on this one man.

-[Epic Review Quest Review]-

Wow, look at lucky Greeg.... not really. The wallet stealing idea was pretty good.

=( =)

funny but not funny =( =)