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Reviews for "Greeg"

Can't breathe... too... hilarious!

OMG LMFAO hahah i aint even joing this was some funny stuff even the bit "this movie may contain tarces of peanut" made me laugh! i LOVED this humourous style and the reatrded main character it had me in massive hysterics the whole way through i laughed so much i actually thought i would wet myself good show!!!! xD


this was some funny shit, enjoy watchin' it, it's the best i've seen so far :). This Tom White should make more videos :)


that was funny..better than the average crappy american humour..
and everyone that said it was bad are stupid

THIS SUCKs dont bother opening

this movie must of been the worst thing since september 11!!!!! what is the funnything about a walrus looking kd who laughs all the time???


There was one reason I liked this. I know someone exactly like the Gregg depicted here that's named... Greg. So, I found it funny... but I'm pretty sure if you don't know anyone like this... you're gonna hate it.