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Reviews for "Pon Dinero en la Cartilla"


That was great I really like your style, I like the spanish songs, but it would neat-o to see something all your own

yonmacklein responds:

thanks for the comment! :D

i got more animations, but ... errr... if spanish is difficult, my other animations use a "language deformation" very very very difficult to understand (or to translate). Maybe upload one of them :D

Que mala ortografia

Yo se que aqui nadie habla tu idioma, pero porlomenos hubieras podido usar un diccionario ;)

yonmacklein responds:

bueno, esa mala ortografia era una de las razones por la que no me animé a traducirlo al inglés, los textos en español estan escrito con acento andaluz (soy de Sevilla), algo totalmente irregular ortografica y gramaticalmente hablando, pero era una de las gracias de la animacion. Seguro que a pesar de esas faltas, se podia entender.

:~> Very Nice

This was really cool! And funny, too. But I barely understand it, my Spanish sucks... ah, fortunatelly I speak Portuguese, which is very simillar to Spanish somehow...

Next time, try to write some captions in the universal language. Yeah, Esperanto! =]

PS: American retard, yonmacklein is SPANISH, SPANISH, not MEXICAN. Don't you know there's a world beyond the Atlantic? Yeah, there's more than US and Mexico around...

# Poirot #


Ok, the worse problem with this entry is that it is in Spanish and as much as I love Spain and its culture I don't speak the language bueno. The graphics are not bad and the song can get somewhat annoying but I just didn't understand it to get any of the jokes that were intended to be in there. Spanish people do not need subtitles of their language in a movie unless they are deaf but instead provide us with an English translation.

yonmacklein responds:

translation is coming... errr... give one or two days.

and well, the spanish subtitles for spanish people is for a few strange habits on my animations hehehe (my animations uses a "spanish language" weird even for spaniards)

I dont speak spanish

I dont understand spanish, but the actual animation wasnt too bad.
Make an english version? =P

yonmacklein responds:

well, english version (only subtitles of course) is in coming :D

anyway... the "lyrics" are not very funny.