Reviews for "Trapped 5"

Trapped 5 gets a 5

First, my stats:
Time: 84:43
Enemies Killed: 100%
Rooms Visited: 95%
Lives Used: 28
Rank: C

This is a great game in a great series. It was a little heavy on the enemies (I like the exploration/puzzles more) and they easily trapped me, forcing to bomb myself to nothing. This game is a great challenge, but I like that it's completely solvable. It's not the kind of game that sends users scurrying for a walkthrough.
Good job. I can't wait for Trapped 6.


it was good but now my brain hurts


I think you reall have pushed yourself for this one. It's practically perfect, as far as these type of games go. PLus you fixed the whole right mouse click thing, so nobody could cheat on this one. Well Done, can we expect to see a different type of game or even movie from you in the future?


Finally finished it....

Time - 80:10 (had dinner halfway :)
Enemies killed - 100%
Rooms Visited - 95% (??? thought i got m all gotta be secret :D)
Lives Used - 19 (Well better than the guy before me lol)

Great adicting game, gimme more muahahahah

I Love Me Some Trapped

These Trapped games have got to be my favorite games in all of the newgrounds kingdom. Please oh please, make a 6. Or a sequal to 5....or would that be a 6 anyway? Whatever.....I love Trapped.