Reviews for "Trapped 5"

very nice game! extremely addictive!

I CANT FIND THE ORANGE KEY! the only key i got to was the yellow key. i cant find the blank key!

stonefruitstudios responds:

It's in the store which is all the way north. You need the blank key and 50 coins. The blank key is found behind the green door. You need the raft to get the green key. You need to kill the 2nd boss to get the raft!

w00t!!! x5

great game. It took me two hours to beat it but i did it. Well besides finding the first half of the white key, the game was really greatly made. One thing i don't understand. why the hell are there so many reviews that alot all pretty much say... "i'm stuck between these two enemies" and "the game froze at the final boss". That confuses the hell out of me. First off, just set off a shit load of bombs if ur trapped between enemies, it doesn't matter if u loose a shit load of health, u pretty much got a shit load of lives. Second, i think everyone who reviewed this ans said, my comp froze at last boss, u all have shitty computers. Mine worked fine and my comp is 5 yrs old. Great GAME!

Awesomeness... Can't wait for 6

Great game. It was quite fun to figure out, and much better than the other 4. For those of you having trouble, I suggest doing everything you haven't done. Hint: use scratch paper. I have no short term memory.

Oh, and by the way, I found a useful little bug. If you enter a room and rush in, continuously holding the arrow you enter with, you will pass over any spikes (X) without taking damage.

Keep 'em coming!

Challenging, addicting and above all, fun. 8bit style graphics, music by ParagonX9, new bosses, best Trapped map ever and new and almost frustrating enemies.

Trapped keeps getting better and better. Maybe someday, you should do a compilation of all of the Trapped maps redone in level format.

If you need help coming up with new rooms, take a look at the dungeons from the original Zelda for some inspiration.

- Minako


A very nice game!But you must add these in your next game:
1*A save feature(uses cookies)
2*Being able to move more freely instead of hitting a key constantly

Thats it.Thanks.