Reviews for "Trapped 5"


Yes, you should make Trapped 6

I love ParagonX9

Sweet game, I only played four and it's the ####, so is this one.


Oh I waited so long after Trapped 4...then I gave up. And here it finally is! It's long, it's exiting, it keeps you hooked, but it has no replay value what so ever, except for the secrets. MAKE TRAPPED 6. Now.

I completed the game in only 82 minutes, and it felt like 5. Not many flash games give you that unique feeling, but Trapped does and therefore it's a really great game. Now I'm off to find the secrets.

Keep up the amazing work and don't let me down now!


at the moment I am totally lost but I have always been a fan of this series; I've loved watching it grow.

PLEASE!!!!!! Get a walkthrough

and you better fucking make Trapped 6

You stepped it up alot

This game was pretty tight. Graphics were a big change from number 4 and the Music was better too. Kinda reminded me of zelda.... Very Nice