Reviews for "Trapped 5"

not bad

its a pretty cool little puzzle game ... makes u think a bit which is nice if u like that type of game


Sorry, but I can't congratulate you on something that a million other people have made before. You run around a dungeon and kill some bad guys... Zelda clone anybody? The first few minutes kept me excited.. and when I found myself constantly running, dropping bombs, running away, and dropping bombs... I got sick of it. It's not that it's hard.. it is easy, but it's boring as a son of a bitch. "Should I make a Trapped 6?", not unless you make it a little more interesting. I would rather just play Zelda and have some fun.


I played that game for an hour expecting an awsome ending but no all i got was 5 bombs blowing up T5. What a load, you should have a save and make a better ending.

not bad but not good either

it was better then the first one but it was still stupidly made
i give it 3 out of 10

too hard

that game was WAY to hard.I quit after about 10 minutes but good game

stonefruitstudios responds:

The game really isn't THAT hard, and if it's good why did you give me a 2/10?