Reviews for "Trapped 5"

awsome game

this game was awsome and i cant wait for trapped 6
btw the secret item you find could be a little mor useful, like make it a master key or force field or something that let you move faster i dunnoh, but the item you recieve isnt very useful

Its alright

The music (all of it) got very annoying. Good thing I can turn off my speakers. Anyway the game got good until the room where you move 4 colored blocks then hit a button... only to get shot. Is there ANY way of knowing where to put the blocks exept for trying the 1000+ possible combinations?


at the moment I am totally lost but I have always been a fan of this series; I've loved watching it grow.

PLEASE!!!!!! Get a walkthrough

and you better fucking make Trapped 6

That was good

I enjoyed the puzzle like game, I love to do puzzles. As I went along I got frustrated after I got the key so I stopped. It was a good game!

Trapped 5 gets a 5

First, my stats:
Time: 84:43
Enemies Killed: 100%
Rooms Visited: 95%
Lives Used: 28
Rank: C

This is a great game in a great series. It was a little heavy on the enemies (I like the exploration/puzzles more) and they easily trapped me, forcing to bomb myself to nothing. This game is a great challenge, but I like that it's completely solvable. It's not the kind of game that sends users scurrying for a walkthrough.
Good job. I can't wait for Trapped 6.