Reviews for "Trapped 5"

Simple yet brilliant

I very much enjoyed this RPG, simple designs and gameplay. Very nice! :D


Good game, heres what i made:
Time: 57:45
Enemies Killed: 100%
Rooms Visited: 95%
Lives Used: 20 lol
Rank: B

Liked the game. For all you who dont know heres a hint. Blank key is behind green door im pretty sure. Its not invisible.

where is the damn hidden button

that piece of shit is holding me up. ive gone through every spot in that room a dozen times and planted bombs everywhere just in case it was hidden under a block. this is bullshit.

great game otherwise though


Where is the blank key? I either am blind, stupid, or just can't find it. Please help?

IT was good

differnt from the other ones.