Reviews for "Trapped 5"


I've played trapped 4 and i thought that was great,but you made that look like garbage when you made this one.The things I liked the most were the improved graphics,choice of music(which all of the music is good),and the new variety of monsters.Just like that last person,I think you should have added extra lives.5 out of 5.

Way to Go

Hope you continue with the series. Trapped five was a really good game. But if you do make a next one y dont you have items that restore a life


This was a great game. I had some truble with finding that first mother Fucking brown block that moved but once i got that this game was cake. great job.


One word.

great game

there is one small prob though every time u get hit u don't move for a sec so if you fix that ur game should be good.

also make puzzles more challenging.

great game though plz make trapped 6