Reviews for "Trapped 5"

Excellent work

I will always have a soft spot in my heart for paged scrolling tile-based games. You do the genre justice.

If the "engine" is portable enough to make T6 without too much trouble, go for it. Writing video games isn't easy, but if you have something to build upon, it is much easier.

Game Over 100%!

There! Took me 48 minutes and 4 seconds, but I have finiahsed this game!
100% Kill
100% Rooms found (the secret was sad..really)
and Rank B?
Oh well, can't wait for Trapped 6!

Wahaha! I finally beat it!

After 90 minutes of sitting at the comp. wondering why the door was locked (yknow, the room with the moving block -_-;) I used 32 lives, killed 100% enemies, visited 95% rooms (I'm assuming the remaining room was the white room... darn.)

Anyways, great combo (I think) of Chip's Challenge and Zelda (though in my opinion this was waaay easier than those two... CC has like... more than a hundred levels, I think...)

What was in the white room? Hmmm. Anyways, this was a really good time consuming game :D Who knew a triangle could be so interesting XD Anyways, I'm glad this triangle finally got out of wherever and made it out to wherever. The bosses were pretty cool, but the last one could've had more lives. I think it should've been harder, like you have to freeze it with the bomb so it's head gets hit by the cannon, or something. :D Nice work, though!!! WAlking all over the place was annoying, though, cuz I got lost. -_-;


Nice job on this one man, hopefully there's not another one, j/k, but seriously this one was hard as sh** too me almost an hour to beat. Awesome game though, I got rank B uh hugh huh, ahh well, overall, great if you like puzzles, bad if you don't like to travel back anf forth back and forth from place to place....

white key

whats in the room for the white key please reply