Reviews for "Trapped 5"


awesome game, I love it. There should be a save feature for the newer ones though, I get frustrated at having to start it over again and again


this is really good!! i just played all the other 4 as well!

hey can some1 tip me on a program to use for this kinda stuff or is it not for unexperienced people like myself??

God Job

I liked this a lot. The graphics are better than the previous ones, BUT I still prefer the Traped 4 whited-coloured tiles, this game just feels so "dark"...
Maybe a bit more dialogues and interaction as in Trapped 4 should be. The puzzles are great. I usually donĀ“t play flah-based games with sound so I just will put a 5 to it.

Ah, for those password problems:

-each game generates a new numeric password AND a new colour password.
-The coloured blocks are in the very first part of the game. Take note of them.
-The password is obtained after beating the nasty snake. step on the ? and ask for it with A.

Anyone no the password?!?

IM stuck so does anyone no de password or how to find it out


This game is the best on-line game i've played i really mean that.
It brought a tear in my eye just seeing it was done.
Playing itself was heaven (for me).
now i have played 1 2 3 4 and 5.
And they just keep getting better and better
I'm already looking out for trapped 6.
Hurry up please