Reviews for "Trapped 5"

Trapped is a great series, T5 is the best yet

This game took me about 18 lives and 90 minutes to finish, but I finished it because it's so damn addictive! I really like the trapped series, it somehow reminds me of the very first Zelda game, only with more puzzles! And since I suck at games, I really appreciate the "you-can't-really-die" attitude of the game. Please make 6. And 7, 8, 9...

not bad at all

in fact out of all those i liked this 1 better than all of ur others


YOU GOTS TA MAKE A TRAPPED 6, it shall pwn all others!!!!!

Best adventure game on Newgrounds!

I'm a big fan of Trapped! This one is definitly the most challenging and well thought out. Trapped 6 has to be made, with more stuff in it! This is so friggin' retro! Keep it up! >_>


To much of the same thing