Reviews for "Trapped 5"

It CAN be done....

Greetings, gamers:

The awesome creator of this awesome game, Matt, will confirm that in order to score an "A+" rating in this game, you must visit 100% of the rooms, kill 100% of the enemies, complete the game without losing a life...all in 45 minutes or less. As a seasoned gamer (and a smart one), I can tell you for certain that it CAN be done...even if you're one of the people who has problems waiting for many of the rooms to load as I have had. As of today, my fastest time is 41 minutes, 24 seconds...my third time scoring the A+. How do you do it? Well, in addition to taking enough time to do everything right the first time, don't be afraid to hit and run when you enter a room with multiple enemies...head for the door if you think the enemies are close to cornering you. Also keep in mind that you are invincible when standing in a doorway. Also, save those red life packs for when you truly need them...they can restore up to 50% of your life. If you happen to end up with more life packs than you need, you can save yourself some time by setting off some doorway explosions to kill the tougher enemies...then going back for a life pack before fighting the other enemies. That's about all the help I can give you...good luck.


Dude, that game was awesome! You absolutely have to make a Trapped 6!

i call this a masterpiece

now this is even better than trapped 4, more puzzles and action. the enemies are really interesting too, the cannons are killing me. the graphics look great also, a little 3D. but ive found out a bug, when im attacking the final boss, it suddenly after a decrease of its health, it pissed me off. anyway, others are still great. trapped 6 is a must of course

i love this game

this is a really cool game, i wish i could play it on my ps2, i can really appreciate the puzzles, i give it a 10


It's a very hard, well-thoughtout game that takes hours to complete.