Reviews for "Trapped 5"


y is the blocks cracked?

Awesomeness... Can't wait for 6

Great game. It was quite fun to figure out, and much better than the other 4. For those of you having trouble, I suggest doing everything you haven't done. Hint: use scratch paper. I have no short term memory.

Oh, and by the way, I found a useful little bug. If you enter a room and rush in, continuously holding the arrow you enter with, you will pass over any spikes (X) without taking damage.

Beat it! Finally!

Great job. I loved T4 and this one is much better. Kept me playing for a few hours. Good style. Haven't seen anyone else do something like this.

Even better.

I didn't finish the game, but I am pleased to say that I had a lot of fun playing it. The graphics are as incredible as they are expected to be in a game like this, the new music choices were refreshing, the sleek new menu (and submenus) were very nicely done...all in all, this is one of the most professional looking flash games I've played. Excellent, my friend. This one deserves a perfect score.


been playin for half an hour and as fast as i get to the last boss theres a bug!i give it 5 even thou i cant finish the game : /