Reviews for "Trapped 5"

this game isn good!! but.....

it bugs a lot.

1. you kill an enemy, and stand on him to get the get quickly. suprise suprise: you hear the sound of picking it up, but it doesen't count up in your coins section.
(2.you can hurt enemies from incredible distances with the bomb.)
make trapped 6!!!


great game dude, keep it up, trapped 6 is a good idea.


Brillant game, one problem though, what is the fourth item? I was playing the game for a long time(over 77 mins) and still could not find the damn item! What and where is it???
Besides that awsome game, can not wait for number 6!

Good but drawn out and repetitive

this game was good but i actually liked Trapped 4 better... this game in SO MANY WAYS reminded me EXACTLY of oldschool Legend of Zelda... and kinda made it not as good for me. Plus the way you had to solve some puzzles... like how at the WAAAY far end of the level you had to memorize the order for the blue yellow red and green blocks... then like at the complete opposite end re arrange them in that order... that was crazy and kinda dumb. Concept is GREAT... very hard... overall not as good as #4 i think... nonetheless ... the sheer work it must've taken to make this is A++ job... thank you


I can't wait for Trapped 6, and Trapped 7, and Trapped 8, and Trapped 9, and Trapped 10, and Trapped 11, and Trapped 12, and...