Reviews for "Trapped 5"


ok can someone help im completley lost i just got thru the portal to the shop and its saying sumthing about needing a blank key. where do i get that?? ive been all over the place im stuck with nuthing to do

Throwback to Zelda 1

I was trying to blow up walls for secret doorways.
I liked the idea of health, better bombs, raft, push, etc. Now I need a blue
And you finally made use of the coins!

Great game. Love to see Trapped 6.

this game was very hard and confusing...but good

i got farther in trapped 4 then in 5. 4 was a lot easyer.....you sould make trapped 6 and dont make it to hard and to long...

"Better then 4?"And other major questions in life.

I like flash games because they usually take an hour or less to complete.

I played this game once (76 minutes, 95% of the rooms)
and then played it again to use the hints you get at the end for the white room. Second time I didn't finish the game, just untill seeing what was in the white room.

Congratulations in keeping up the intrigue of "the white room"ohoo! It worked for me, and kept me playing for a total time of over two hours!

I respect people wanting to get a perfect score, and killing all the enemies without harming themselves, but I ain't got the time or the patience for it.

The game is much less frustrating then trapped 4 (only 3 lives), but also easier to finish rambo style (using aprox 80 lives or so), and maybe spoiling part of the fun.

Consider adding a save feature in your next trapped game, to avoid people finishing the game fast in rambo style, without appreciating the finesses that went into designing the enemies of this game (which is something you discover after entering "The White Room"...). (Never saw the purple conehead selfdestruct, although I killed them all for example, never saw the red shooting guys use a special tactic).

In trapped 4, I really had to pay attention to what strategy to use to kill certain enemies. (really liked the enemy that mirrors your movements for example, but also takes away your own health if it is hit by the cannon).

In 5 I never experienced this, and never will, because after playing the whole game once, and then once again for the white room, I know I will see nothing new anymore.

Also I liked the atmosphere of trapped 4 better I guess: slightly "uglier"graphics, but nice dialog. Trapped 5 was maybe to static, although obviously enormous amounts of work went into the slick design of all the rooms and te menu structure.

Did you make yourself a nice level editor, or are you planning on making one, because that would be really cool! If you do, or have allready, consider building a website, where people could upload their own "trapped worlds".

Keep up the good work! All the best, Robert.


Advice for trapped 6/trapped 5 level editor/trapped 5.1
-More dialog (Zelda??)
-A save feature (not very difficult to program)
-A level/world editor
-A trapped community website


Hmm... hmm reviewerpikmin is a jackass who cares about music when you are playing a game? AWESOME GAME BY THE WAY MAKE MORE!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!