Reviews for "Trapped 5"


just like legend of zelda!

and if you dont wanna do the boss the door code is 2470.

stonefruitstudios responds:

the code is random everytime


That was very hard and it took me 134 mins to complete and i lost 74 (Yes, 74) lives! Make a 6th one but make some more levels instead of just one!

Oh, everybody stop moaning . . .

Trapped 5 is great. It has better graphics, is more challenging, and is, in my opinion, better than Trapped 4. There are nice graphical effects, nice puzzles, it's just plain nice. The only thing was that it was so big and slow for a 166MHz laptop like mine :D. You should play this game, it's really fun. I like the way that after finishing Trapped 4 with remote bombs, we get to start with them. The enemy health thing is neat too. Definitely a game aorth your time.


Trapped 4 is better...

Trapped 4 is better...The reason Trapped 4 is better because it was challenging but not too challenging. Trapped 5 I probaly only got through half. I don't understand how the blocks with cracks in them can be removed or something. Well it was a great time killer.

help please colored blocks

i have tried everything please help a lil walkthrough is all im askn for