Reviews for "Trapped 5"

Super long games rock!

Trapped 5 is really good. You should make a sixth that almosr exceeds the file size maximum.

Review before answer: No, it's different every time.

The Best Game I've Played In a Long Time

Wow. This game was just fantastic. Lots of great puzzles, and it takes a long time to finish. I got SO far in the game, and then I got stuck in the room with the coloured blocks, like many other people have said in their reviews. I have seriously checked EVERYWHERE for the god damn code. Any help would be appreciated. Can someone PLEASE tell me in which room is the god damn code for the stupid coloured blocks? I really really really want to finish this game. This game is a fantastically hard game. I'm definitely putting this game on my fav. list.

I Love Me Some Trapped

These Trapped games have got to be my favorite games in all of the newgrounds kingdom. Please oh please, make a 6. Or a sequal to 5....or would that be a 6 anyway? Whatever.....I love Trapped.

my third try at playing this game, was the charm..

Life left at end: 22%
Coins left at end: 142

Time: 60:09
Enemies Killed: 100%
Rooms Visited: 100%
Lives Used: 1 (the last boss was my killer!)
RANK: B (map... that map, why do I need to buy a map, anyways?!)


Finally finished it....

Time - 80:10 (had dinner halfway :)
Enemies killed - 100%
Rooms Visited - 95% (??? thought i got m all gotta be secret :D)
Lives Used - 19 (Well better than the guy before me lol)

Great adicting game, gimme more muahahahah