Reviews for "Trapped 5"

Very good

Its very good but I was really dissapointed at the end, I was on the final boss and the game froze so that was a bit of a let down, but overall it is a very good game.


so easy!! after 15 minutes i have almost gotten somewhere away from nowhere! don't come out with trapped 6 until i finish this one, ok? give me a year or so..


i loved this game even though im extreamly crap at it


I spend 2 hours on finding the goddamn blank key and I still can't find it ... >_<
Well i gotta say that this is a huge improvement since the last one and you certainly have a skill in programming!
I wonder what the next part will bring and if that wicked triangle ever get out of the maze!
And now back to finding the blank key ...


Awesome game (so addicting). Definitely a blast from the past, but triangle>Link.