Reviews for "Trapped 5"

Great game

Great just like all of the other trappeds, but due to the fact that the second boss has no indication of health, and it takes forever to kill... I have one word for that.. BORING, Minus 5 points for that, otherwise I would've given this a 9

not my style

IM sure many people like this game. I didnt it was not enough action. I didnt like the whole boss thing either. It was a easy game to play for me. seeing how it was a good game but not my style. so i gave this a six overall. but my real rating.

Power Level:

900 KBG's


I also got stuck under the second boss, which totally ruined an otherwise excellent game.

Good Job!

I was really enjoying this game until i got to the second boss.... I got stuck under his body so i kept on dying and couldn't do anything.... how do you hurt that damn thing anyway?


that was soooo hard but I played it, and I won
I have never been soo satissfied with winnin a game

aaaaah now I can rest again