Reviews for "Trapped 5"

fun and challenging

i am also having a problem with the colored blocks. from what i played it was an awesome game. maybe it would work in internet explorer, i will text later though


What happened to Trapped 6? Trapped 5 is the best! It's WAY better than all the other Trapped games.


When I got to the map with the color blocks, I put them in the EXACT order but it told it's wrong (I Made Sure By 2 Windows).

Other Than That I Liked How You Made it Infinity Lives :P

stonefruitstudios responds:

You did it wrong

Man I LOVE the Trapped games!

Always been a fan, and not been on newgrounds in AGES so to come back and find a new (well 3 years old!) Trapped was awesome!

Very Cool

I just wish you could save and load games, as it is a longer game. so 9/10 but really really great game :)