Reviews for "Trapped 5"

Don't listen to Rage_Master..

.. because your trapped-games are great! They outdo most other games on Newgrounds, mostly because you need to think, they aren't ridiculousy hard, and they have a story (not the best, but better than the "Uh! We need to fight and shoot each other full of blood for no apparent reason"-story some other games seems to have).
I would love to see Trapped 6, but it's really up to you to decide if you should do it. You get both thumbs up and a toe from me!


Sorry, but I can't congratulate you on something that a million other people have made before. You run around a dungeon and kill some bad guys... Zelda clone anybody? The first few minutes kept me excited.. and when I found myself constantly running, dropping bombs, running away, and dropping bombs... I got sick of it. It's not that it's hard.. it is easy, but it's boring as a son of a bitch. "Should I make a Trapped 6?", not unless you make it a little more interesting. I would rather just play Zelda and have some fun.


raminds me of a game called Chips Challenge

Became really boring, really fast.

It is good in the first 5 minutes of the game but it has nothing really to keep it alive. Its just so boring. Room after room of absolute boredom. Sorry to give you a bad review but there is nothing here to keep me coming back and the detonating bombs was kind of a lame idea.


I spend 1 full hour to finish this game, it rocks! Thacks for the entertainement!