Reviews for "Trapped 5"

Its Good

God damn its fawking fun and all but i can neva find the Fuking raft


This game has to be bugged. There is no hidden button for the door in the room with the two turrets in either corner. If there is, someone please prove me wrong and tell me how the hell I'm meant to advance in this game?

Great, but....

Where the hell is the hidden button? I've pressed "a" on every square in the room and all I accomplished was losing a lot of health. HELP!


Fuck I got trapped between two guys, damnit


This game is reall addictive and it was great but one problem..... THE GAME F***ING FROZE WHEN I GOT TO THE LAST BOSS!! THE LAST BOSS!! AFTER ALL THE HARD WORK IT FROZE WHEN I GOT TO 4/5 HEALTH AHHHHHH!!!!......i can't restart, but I MUST!! great game