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Reviews for "Flight in the Clouds"

ok cool

its wasnt my speakers

the piano did sound distorted and some of the sounds were like ppltlthhbllt (thats a spit sound) lol but over all amazing

very well made

its a great song but the quality of some of the sounds is really bad :s
like the piano in the beginning is distorted, i dont think it is my boxes but you should look into it just to be sure

Loved it!

Very Upbeat, and the piano really added to it!

music is like food

you eat it

An intense song.

This is certainly an intense song that carries with it a lot of energy. Really does make me want to dance.

The piano beginning made me think that this was going to be a calming piano track. That was until the synth bass entered followed by the club kick. Then I knew it was going to be a dance.

The synth bass is a little rough around the edges. Too saw-y and a little rough on the ears.

The pad that you used at 0:26 is nice and fits well. Sounds like an airplane taking off.

At 0:40, where the main melody jumps in with the full instruments, it's nice.... but it clips.

The part at 1:06 is nice, although the synth runs into a little distortion when the pad enters again at 1:13. At 1:19 when that theme is reintroduced with the new synths, it clips again.

I like the outro to the song, taking the piano from the beginning and ending on it. Although the piano itself needs a little mastering. That seems to clip a bit too. Just a little, and not as bad as the synths.

One suggestion, try panning things around a bit. The song right now sounds a bit too mono. I can tell it's not, but the way things are all right in front of you, it's mono-ish.

Great song, but a little fixing would make it greater!

-HFX ^_^