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Reviews for "MC9"

A new kind of madness.

Honestly, I was expecting something like a soundtrack for Antipathy or Consternation when I was first uploading Aggregation. This has a different twist on it from what I've come to expect, but at the same time, it gives a whole different feeling of madness, like a psychotic and panicky feeling to it, instead of just the fast-pace mesmerizers I've heard in your other songs. Reminds me a little of Anti-Hero, but only in the sense of the chaos that would stir up if it were turned into a music video. All-in-all, what I can sum my opinions on this song to be is this...

...I love it.

I'm listening to it right now as I type this review up it's so good. Already got it downloaded too and onto my iPod. If Krinkels commissions for you for any other Madness Combat episodes(yeah, I know that API got the snag on the 8th one), I'll be hoping it'll be another ground-shattering song like this one.


Now, that was good, it just fit Madness 9 perfectly and is a great song to listen to on it's own. I wouldn't mind hearing an instrumental version of this.

Good work.


Your music is always so epic. I love this one, it kind of lacks the heavy beats of the previous Madness music, but this really suits MC9. Great job.