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Reviews for "MC9"

perefect loop

song worthy man




Very awesome

good shyt bro!!!!!

5/5 10/10ed, I literally have no criticisms on this song. for u are a professional and could become rich one day. Great job with the background sound effects.

Btw, I make techno songs too. Would you mind checking it out? Because I would like to hear from a PROFESSIONAL about my music. ~XD~

cheshyre responds:

Totally! I'll go check some out right now and leave comments. I'm no professional but I'll try to be as helpful as possible. Thanks!!

Up again with the madness

I don't know how many times the madness-soundtracks have come up on the top30, but they sure are worthy of the positions. With such climax and animation, it's like blending blood, gore, and epicness, which will ultimately result in PUR3 UB3R-PWN4G3 4ND 3P1CN3$$ B3YOND UR W1LD3ST DR34MZ!!!!!!!!!!!

cheshyre responds:

Thanks yo! Nice l33t speak, or however that goes.