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Reviews for "MC9"


It fitted with the theme just right. Good job :)

Awesome mate !

Will use this for my coming up Madness Combat :D

This is great! :D

It really is...I like the
"waaa wawawaaa wa wawawawa waaaa"
the most. XD
Just awesome....lots of low tones...
I like the overall feeling...very impressive, can't explain in words what i mean though.
At this moment my favo song, since Aggregation came out it's on my iPod, and it kicked the number one from the "25 most played"-list to the second spot :)

Tip for mp3-player owners: Switch the equalizer to R&B while listening to this, best choice in my opinion.

Wasn't listening at first but now...

Holy hell. This is mind-melting awesomness. I wasn't listening at first when I heard it in Madness Aggreation but I should've. This is the kind of music that turns my mind into a glass ball and shatters it before I know wtf's going on. Thank u, cheshyre!

5/5 - 10/10

MC9 has the length, beat, sound, and originality. what more needs to be said?