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Reviews for "MC9"


this song broke my "Epicness" meter, but i'll go to hell if i'm sad about geting a new one!!!

cheshyre responds:

Don't you worry, I'll send you a new one in the mail. Thank you!

took me 6 months to realize MC 9 was out

I discovered it was submitted when i saw this song on someones favorites and i realized that MC 9 was released way back whenever! Thanks for posting this its more than worthy of Madness Combat 9.


cheshyre responds:

Thank you! As long as you eventually listen and like, all is well.

I uploaded it

to my ipod

cheshyre responds:

Nice! Madness on the go. thanks!

long live madness

can i call you jesus?

cheshyre responds:

I don't know what Jesus would do about that. You can call me Sean if you want...


Awsome song

once again you make me happy with your awsome music.

cheshyre responds:

and you make me happy with your awesome comments! thanks!!