Reviews for "The Bounce"

man i loved it...

for some reason, that French song went really well with the game! it's just a shame that it cuts out so soon... it stopped when i reached 23.
overall, an excellent game, though. one of the most original games i've played in a damn while now, and i really enjoyed the concept. i decided to stop at a score of 100, and not go for the moon - i thought 100 points was enough for me :P haha.
so, the gameplay was great, but the audio could have used some de-bugging.

Cute and entertaining, relaxing even.

Cool game, very cute. :) The drawings are nice too.

I must ask you?

What were you on when you made this? LOL I'm just kiddin' ya but it certainly looks like it was something someone would make while high and the music only added to that effect but it could have been because it was in French, a language I do not understand therefore did not get the lyrics of the song. In any case, I liked this. This game is pretty fun, and the graphics are pretty darn good. A wee bit elementry feel to it but it aint bad. Nice job!

Nice job.

This was a cool game. A little weird but cool. Except the gay french music.