Reviews for "The Bounce"

Simply fun.

This game was a real stress reliever for me. The animation was adorable and the controls were really easy to learn. The simple pleasure of watching a giraffe attempt to bounce to the moon is awesome itself. The music was very interesting, though it seemed like it suited the tone of the game well.

The only thing that kept this game from getting a perfect score in my opinion was that it gets fairly repetitive after a few bounces. Also, you could probably extend the game and make more enemies if the stars you collected regained your health. Anyway, I thought this game was really cute and easy to play. Keep up the great work!

aaand still a favorite.

I to this day continue to link people to this game. It's just great.

Simple and fun

I really love this game, its short but very fun.

I NEED to get this song now. :D Its perfect for this game.


The elegance remains in simplicity...

i've never seen something this simple or elegant on newgrounds!!!

also....for some reason it reminded me of my childhood O__o


This game has simplified tactics to it, tightened controls, simple, as it is, in my opinion, it's short, and time consuming, you can play it with one hand, and the music is curious. Myopinion is 10/10.