Reviews for "Cosmic Piano"


At first i thought it was going to be some mellow dramatic thing but then it gets better and better until the climax at the end. REALLY good. MY only complaint is that it's not long enough XD.

pawlakt responds:

thanks for the review, I might just have to make another, longer one!


I always love the sounds of pianos and this is just wonderful just makes you want to stand up and start to dance or something and grab your wife and just give her a big hug and a kiss for the hell of it you did a really wonderful job keep it up bro.

pawlakt responds:

awesome dude! Glad the music was able to inspire you so much!


Make more!

pawlakt responds:

Ii plan on it! thanks for the review


absolutely amazing. you must play piano then! LOL. i am soooooooo jealous. :D:D:D
well good. i must check out your other music now!
this is absolutely beautiful. full of life and love. really moving.
the whole thing is excellent. WOW!
cant say anymore wow! i am all Wowed out. BUT OMG! WOW!LOL
5/5 favourites.

pawlakt responds:

I actually don't play the piano... This piano is all computer generated. I do play trombone and euphonium though, and I apply the music theory that I know from that to the music.