Reviews for "Halloween"

ta bastante buena 5/5

best halloween pic i've seen
5 stars dude..... girl ._ . .... (i know you're a girl but i'm just so amazed i don't even know what to say, lolz)
keep up the awesome work :D

Love, love, LOVE her eyes! Plus it makes me wish we'd gotten a white pumpkin this year.

Brutal. It's really awesome, I love it.

Cute girls + creepy backdrops + liransz = completely stunning mindf#@k! I LOVE IT! liransz delivers with her creative backdrops, unique technique (I love saying that), and smoldering lil' hotties! I haven't felt this passionate about someone's art since discovering the works of artist Lois Royo almost 20 years ago. Thanks liransz, for renewing my appreciation of art and making this Halloween season a bit sexier, a tad darker, and a whole lot more enjoyable!