Reviews for "Numb (piano)"

My favorite song

This is still my personal favorite. I love the music Linkin Park makes and you did well in makes this, lets say remix. Keep up the great work.


just in 1 word: Wonderfull

In multiple words.
This is one of the best songs if not the best i've heard. It feels so Sad and lonley but also so perfect in balance. Great song to play when ur sad or just anywhere


This Is Better then the one Linkin Park Used
I am a linkin park fan
ive heard of almost ever godamn song there is


Did you make this? This is brilliant, and the guy below me is right, it contrasts with the actual song really well... dowloading...

Solstas responds:

Yup found the keys on my piano.


Wow I really liked this, beautiful and calming. Definitely a contrast to the original.