Reviews for "Bleeding Air"


Who would want to zero bomb it?
it's really good, Catchy beat and a nice feeling for rythm (different from other songs but if you listen to it. I could find a Rythm).
It isn't like any song it's really different with small but effective silence parts between the restart of an beatloop(if it's an loop) it really relaxes the song.
It's smooth for the ears not like some songs I heard here on newgrounds.

Keep me updated Gorgorothx I'll help if needed.



I love the 8-bit melody that is played in here.


needs a little more....sumething....oh hell its great!

Gorgorothx responds:

thank you ;)

the sound of epicness!!

i totally enjoy it, even though something about this song kinda hurts my brain. it has that 'never back down,' and 'lets take the world by force,' feel. when i listen to this i picture myself pushing my body physically. this isnt fail like that mass demoter below me. it might just be me, but im hooked from the start.

Gorgorothx responds:

Awesome, dude. I love it when my music can actually affect someone emotionally. Your comment only adds to my desire to create, and I thank you for that. Cheers!


It deserves its attention.

Its a pretty good song. I mean it had great sound, great melody, great layering, crisp and clear sounds and everything. Its winning in basically all its key points, Which is what I basically expect with anything submitted by you though.

It gives me that feel that I want to go and lay into a boxing bag, Despite being passive most of the time. And it also has that feeling like it could be used in a music montage in the movies. Which makes it a pretty bloody good effort. I couldn't spot any outstanding problems with the file, And it was put together as a complete project pretty damn well.

Good job, As usual.

Gorgorothx responds:

Thanks, Currie! I did put quite a bit of attention into this. The actual 8-bit melody chords took at least 3 hours to arrange, due to the background sound being very strange and having slight overtones... Getting it to fit right was a challenge. Thanks so much for stopping by and listening.