Reviews for "Bleeding Air"


Very good beat work, the melody is good too, one of the instruments though, the one that starts the overlapping melody kind of sounds a bit too synthesized though, which somewhat cuts through the underlying melody, Melodically they match well, but instrument wise they kind of clash, You know what I mean, overall though, I think this is a nice ambient piece, very chill, and I definitely am digging it.

Gorgorothx responds:

Thanks, El Syd. I was pretty overwhelmed trying to come up with something to go with the "airy" background noise. I settled with the 8-bit sound 1. because I like 8-bit type sounds, and 2. because I wanted it to be more of the focus of the song. Thanks so much for your review!

Cool tune

I really like the melody. The thing you could work on is how you arranged the pitch of the notes on the second melodic part, in the forth measure of that riff some of the notes in the last two chords sound like their too low in pitch. Also the break doesn't sound like it fits, I done the same thing where you just throw a break in because the rest sounds too repetitive. I like that song sounds airy, and weather the fuzz was intentional or not, it kind of fits. Cool sounding tune and thanks for sharing.

Gorgorothx responds:

haha yes it does sound airy ;)

Good one!

Actually a nice ambient piece, but not my fav. The lead is too fuzzy for me. And a little empty maybe.

Gorgorothx responds:

Yeah, the lack of bass was kindof on purpose, but I know what you mean by empty. I guess I was going for that "airy" kind of feel ;)


I Like it ALOT

You should listen to my tune Featuring Lady Gaga its posted up now :P

Its great the Same as your tune!

Gorgorothx responds:

I liked it, nicely done! Thanks for the review ;)