Reviews for "Super Shotgun Turbo"


A game that doesnt require you to think is always a pretty good game. At first its not too bad but it does get boring after a while.

It's grunge

Wild as fuck, it makes me think about how much me and my grandmother like different things. I kinda liked this


Despite the low-end scores i'm giving the bulk of the categories, i feel this is still deserving of a high score overall. Its short, sweet, weird, violent, crazy, and interesting. It definately is worth a play here and there and although it doesn't take a long amount of time to play and isn't all that hard it is a good diversion to the rest of my day. My only problem was that the fps seemed a little to high... nothing wrong with a fast game but in this case it made it so that it is pointless to move away from the middle of the field until the boss fight and there seems to be no reason to ever let go of the shoot button. Maybe you could add a little more strategy to it if you do an updated version.

Not Bad

I Liked it alot man, i could see a submission like that on frontpage with some more work. Good job, i enjoyed it

Not fun to play..

And not weird enough to hold my attention in the absence of decent gameplay.