Reviews for "Super Shotgun Turbo"


holy geez you werent kidding about the turbo thing! 60 fps is a little nuts bro, and like the last guy said its kinda headache inducing. i gave you a decent score for the graphics because i think they were good but man i really couldnt see them much. seizuretastic! a cool little game if you can keep up with it tho.

slow down

next time please slow it down i got a headach from than thing


awesome game. loads of fun, but it would've been even better if you could slow it down a bit.

Good work.

It's really good for your first game. Some suggestions: Make the zombies come in at different points on the screen. Since they all come at the same point where you are, you can hold the fire button and shoot every single one off-screen and never be hit. A limiting factor for shooting would help too, at least a magazine and reload function, maybe limited ammo? Being able to hold down the fire button and never stop or run out of ammo makes it too easy. Lastly, an objective would help. Instead of running forever and ever watching your score rise, put a boss or a timelimit or something.

Not too bad

It's pretty ok, with lots of room for further improvement and expansion. For your first game, it's really a good step forward.